Welcome to ISM: The International Society for Mine Surveying


ISM is the International Society for Mine Surveying, an international association of specialists in mine surveying or related fields.

ISM is a Category C non profit governmental organisation and is a permanent member of the World Mining Congress carrying out its activities as an independent international organisation.

The goal of ISM is to encourage co-operation in the various fields of mine surveying by means of:

  1. the organisation of scientific congresses
  2. the establishment of commissions for special fields of mine surveying
  3. the fostering and issuing of publications, particularly those relating to the congresses and the commissions
  4. cooperation with the International Societies in the fields of mining, geodesy, geology, geophysics, rock-mechanics, etc.
  5. the fostering of worldwide co-operation in mine surveying by exchanging the students, academic staffs and practitioners in mine surveying between individual countries. In order to realise the aims of the ISM, national Associations or sections of mine surveyors in the appropriate specialist organisations should be constituted, unless they already exist. They delegate a member to the ISM Presidium, as a rule.